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We Found Perico Padilla, The Mexican DJ Who Mixes Music From Different Eras And Genres

Hey, remixpro fans! We have some exciting news for you. We have discovered a new DJ who is blowing our minds with his amazing mix sets. His name is Perico Padilla, and he is from Mexico. He has a YouTube channel called LOVE THE MIX, where he uploads his mix sets every week. And let us tell you, they are awesome!

Perico Padilla is not your typical DJ. He is a musical genius who can mix songs from different decades and genres, creating smooth and fun transitions. He can go from disco to pop, from rock to reggae, from hip hop to EDM, and more. He also adds some spice and humor to his mix sets, using sound effects, voice overs and samples from movies and TV shows.

We stumbled upon his channel by accident, and we were hooked right away. We watched his mix sets for hours, and we couldn’t get enough. Some of our favorites are:

  • 2020 - 2023 TOP CHART MIX VOL. 1 | 20s Top Hits Mix by Perico Padilla, which has the hottest songs from artists like Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Drake, Lil Nas X and more.

  • Soda Stereo Mix, which is a tribute to the legendary Argentine rock band Soda Stereo and its lead singer Gustavo Cerati.

  • LIVE - PERICO PADILLA Y SU PANDILLA, which is a live show where he chats with his fans and plays their requests.

Perico Padilla is not only a talented DJ, but also a cool guy. He does not make money from his YouTube channel, and he gives his mix sets for free on his website He also accepts donations from his fans to support his project and create more content. He is very friendly and interactive with his audience, and he calls them his pandilla (gang).

We are so impressed by Perico Padilla and his mix sets, that we decided to feature him on our blog post on, where we showcase the best DJs in the world. We think he deserves more recognition and appreciation for his work and passion for music. We hope you enjoy his mix sets as much as we do, and join us in supporting him.

If you want to know more about Perico Padilla and his mix sets, you can follow him on his social media accounts:

  • YouTube: LOVE THE MIX


  • Twitter: @pericopadilla

  • Instagram: @pericopadillaysupandilla

  • Facebook: Perico Padilla Y Su Pandilla

  • TikTok: @pericopadilla

Check out his Latest Mix Set:

You can also visit his website, where you can find more information about him, download his mix sets for free, and support his project with donations.

Perico Padilla is a DJ who mixes music from different eras and genres, and we love him for that. He is a master of mixing music and making people happy. He is one of the best DJs we have ever found, and we are proud to share him with you. Check him out now!

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