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Explore new ways to play back your tracks with the all-new djay Pro AI.

Algoriddim’s djay software has been a mainstay in DJ booths for the last decade. This week, the app is getting a big update, allowing users to control the music using time code vinyl.

DVS support on iOS isn’t new. Algoriddim’s djay Pro is the third app to bring DVS emulation to the platform. It also supports a variety of DJ controllers, including several models from Native Instruments and Pioneer.

Dj Angelo showcases djay's latest innovations and recaps his accomplishments over the past 16 years.

Special Neural Mix DVS timecode vinyl

As part of the DVS functionality, Algoriddim has created a special kind of vinyl that can be used with a turntable to control Djay's DVS. In the way this works, timecodes are printed on the records, the same technology DJs use in clubs. To do this, they partnered with Japanese manufacturer STOKYO to produce the control vinyl.

This innovation is a special B-side pressing that has three tracks—original, instrumental, and acapella. When you play this record on DJ software djay Pro AI, the song will automatically switch between these three versions in time to the beat. The effect is similar to that of a vinyl record with a special format that had an original version of the song on one side and two other versions on the other side.

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