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1. Jiggle Jiggle Getting Jiggy with it Louis Theroux vs Will Smith (ayee mashups) 2. ZOOM THIS WAYJESSI VS RUN DMC FT AEROSMITH (AYEE MASHUPS) 3. Without You Staying Alive Eminem vs BeeGees (Ayee Mashup) 4. MAS QUE NADA SERGIO MENDEZ (AYEE REMIX 2022) 5. ABOUT DAMN TIME FRO RAPPERS DELIGHT LIZZO VS SUGARHILL GANG (AYEE MASHUP) 6. Love me like you do with a star Ellie Goulding vs. (Simply Red) Comprehend Mix Mashup 7. CANT SKATE ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE BABY BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON PAK VS TAYLOR DAYNE (AYEE MASHUPS) 8. PUMP UP THE BONES MARRS VS IMAGINE DRAGON (AYEE MASHUPS) 9. Brother Louie Modern Talking (Ayee 2022 bootleg remix ) 10. Night Changes One Direction (Ayee Slap Remix 2022) 11. SEPTEMBER WAKE ME UP EARTH WIND AND FIRE VS GREEN DAY (AYEE MASHUP) 12. LICK IT! 20 FINGERS ft. ROULA (Ayee remix 2022) 13. ABCDEFU GAYLE VS F__K YOU (ceelo green) (AYEE REMIX MASH)


Ayee mashups in the mix Series 1

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